BOW participants will attend four pre-selected courses (3.5 hours each) of their choice, beginning Friday afternoon, and ending Sunday afternoon.  The workshops usually have a short inside instructional portion before heading outside.  If you are taking any of the shooting classes, you will be required to  have a firearms license, take the Friday morning firearm safety class, or proof of having successfully completed the Canadian Firearms Safety Course (non-restricted).

We ensure that all participants enjoy a safe, positive, fun and educational experience and are taught in a ‘hands-on’ way.  There are a limited number of BOW bursaries available for partial payment. 

Classes vary from year to year, falling into the three main BOW areas: hunting, fishing and other outdoor recreation activities, and may include the following:

Animal Signs
Archery/Bow Hunting
Backpacking & Hiking
Basic Wilderness First Aid
Basket Making
Connecting with Nature
Crossbow Hunting
Firearms Safety & Handling
Fly Fishing
Fly Tying
GPS Navigation
Map & Compass
Nature Identification
Nature Photography
Outdoor Cooking
Practical Knots
Reading the River
Scouting for Wildlife
Shooting Rifles
Sport fishing
Tasty Fish
Trapping & Snaring
Wild Edible Plants
Wild Game Cleaning
Wilderness Camping
Wilderness Survival
Willow Woodcrafts
Woodsy 101